The Green Team of Carbon County wholly intends to be self supporting and grow in phases proportionate to our ability to fund and maintain growth. The Green Team of Carbon County began as a group of volunteers in February 2009. Then, as now, our stated mission is to promote a system to reduce and effectively manage the local waste stream of the County by encouraging…

  1. Education that develops respect for responsible use of all man-made resources
  2. Reduction of materials that go into landfills
  3. The reuse of materials whenever possible
  4. Recycling of all cost effective recyclable materials
  5. The most effective use of public landfills
  6. And the proper disposal of hazardous materials

Since our inception and with the support of donations from corporations, small businesses, and orginizations, we have been able to…

  1. Conduct a survey throughout Carbon County to gauge local support for recycling
  2. Purchase, and place into operation, collection trailers for recyclables
  3. Partner with existing businesses in profitable disposal of aluminum, paper, and cardboard
  4. Promote education regarding recycling at local fairs, exhibits, and other community events
  5. Purchase and provide teaching modules for each of the Elementary schools in Carbon County
  6. Help promote the safe disposal of some hazardous materials
  7. Present plans for recycling and invite participation from each of the major cities within the County
  8. Explore the possibilities of composting green waste within the County
  9. Write and submit grants for funds to support our mission

The Green Team of Carbon County also supports 'Take Back Your Medicine' day, speaks as requested at local schools and other venues, and has supported 'Arbor Day' annually at each of our local Elementary schools.