Strategic Plan


To promote a system to reduce and effectively manage the local waste stream of Carbon County by encouraging; (1) increase respect for and responsible use of all natural and manmade resources, (2) the reduction of materials that go into landfills, (3) the reuse of materials whenever possible, (4) the recycling of all cost effective recyclable materials, (5) the most effective use of public landfills, and (6) the proper disposal of hazardous wastes.


  1. Establish a formal Board of Directors for the Green Team. This Board will establish necessary by-laws, policy, procedures, sub-committees, LLC and 501c(3).
  2. Develop a comprehensive yet specific plan for self-sustaining and voluntary collection of sorted recyclable materials at key locations throughout the area. The focus will be on simplicity, zero contamination, education, incentives and using all presently available resources.
  3. Obtain a commitment of support from all city and county elected officials.
  4. Provide opportunities to reduce the amount of unused medications and other unwanted chemicals in the waste stream.


  1. Collect and make available resources to assist local educators in teaching children the importance of using the 3 R's of reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  2. Educating all citizens of the need to reduce, the benefits of reusing, and the importance of recycling. Educate all citizens of the detriments of continuing certain wasteful habits, increasing current proactive behaviors and clarifying misunderstandings by providing factual information.
  3. Marketing to all citizens the environmental and economical benefits of applying the 3 R's at any and all levels while limiting the negative affect on current life style.
  4. Conduct annual evaluations of current programs and plan for necessary modifications.


  1. (November, 2011) Conduct an annual Hazardous Waste Cleanup Day with the support of other agencies.
  2. (September, 2012) Consult with directors of successful programs to help develop a program with the Carbon County Commissioners and private owners to compost all green waste and making this compost available for reuse to residents of the area.
  3. (September, 2012) Solidify a coalition of community leaders and policy makers to gain and develop financial support of a comprehensive waste management plan to include additional funding through grants, donations and other public resources of financial aid for recycling and calculating the cost/benefit of reducing the waste steam as a form of revenue.
  4. (March, 2013) Develop plans to assist recycling in cities and counties surrounding the Carbon County area.
  5. (June, 2013) Develop a feasible County plan for the collection, handling, storage, and transportation of recyclable materials to Materials Reuse Facilities (MRF's)
  6. (December, 2013) Implement all aspects of the County plan including on-going education and training.


Ongoing formal and informal evaluation of goals, programs, etc. will be conducted followed by adjustments to continue to provide the most effective service possible.